7 Wonders 2013 (2013/7/27)

7 Wonders 2013
Leg33 KRCA-KRCA 1205z-1235z (No ATC)
Leg34 KRCA-KIAG 1240z-1410z (No ATC)
Leg35 KIAG-KIAG 1420z-1429z (No ATC)

Mission: Rescue at the Mount Rushmore – We have 3 lost guys needing your SAR assistance. Their last contact was near the basis of the Mount Rushmore. Move! They need your help.


Mission: This is the end of this tour. Take off from KIAG and follow to Niagara Falls. This is your last sightseeing flight. Let´s make some pictures (and if you takeoff between 8-9PM local, you will have a small surprise). Enjoy it!

7 Wonders もこれにて終了。ちかれたびー :beer:


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